Navigating Challenges in Our Educational Journey

3 min readNov 15, 2023

I originally wrote this a couple years ago while dealing with issues that I faced with our local school district. Due to the issues, we ended up instead moving our student to a private school in the area and he is doing great. (Not just well but great) I’ve recently heard that our school is facing more issues with their handling of 504 plans, IEPs, and bullying of students by teachers — which reinforces the decision that the local school isn’t the place for us. I’m blessed that we can afford to choose to send our child to a local private school which isn’t an option for many students.

As parents, we often face unexpected challenges in our children’s educational journey. My recent experiences with our local school district highlighted the complexities and frustrations that can arise, especially in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. This post is a reflection on these experiences, emphasizing the need for better communication and inclusivity in educational decision-making.

The Onset of the Pandemic: A Struggle for Clarity

Our journey began with the onset of the pandemic. Like many parents, I found myself concerned about the school’s COVID plan. I attempted to engage with the school board during an online meeting, eager to ask questions and understand the strategy. Unfortunately, my efforts to participate were blocked by the IT personnel managing the Zoom meeting. This lack of engagement was not only disappointing but also indicative of a broader issue of accessibility in these crucial discussions.

Homeschooling: A Decision Born of Necessity

Faced with uncertainty and a lack of a clear remote learning plan, we made the tough decision to homeschool our son. This was not a choice made lightly. It involved accelerating his learning using an advanced program, a significant commitment from our family. This period was challenging but also rewarding, as we navigated the intricacies of homeschooling.

Attempting Re-engagement with the School District

As the new school year approached, we reached out to the district, hoping to reintegrate our son into the traditional school system. Despite promises of follow-up from the school officials, our efforts were met with silence. This lack of communication forced our hand, and we enrolled our son in a local private school…




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