‘Nothing to January 6th’

4 min readJul 31, 2022

People see what they want to see

Reading the paper, I was surprised to see a letter to the editor claiming the January 6th committee is all about nothing. The author seemed to focus on Cassie Hutchinson’s testimony, claiming that the Secret Service disputed her story. Yet what I saw was actually the Secret Service not disputing her story, but focusing on a small part of what she said and using words that I would have used to step around what was said. When talking about Trump grabbing at the steering wheel, what I heard the Secret Service do was ask a question instead. Could he have reached the steering wheel? Additionally, the Secret Service deleted their texts. Somehow Trump supporters don’t think that’s a big deal, yet ‘her emails’ about a Secretary of State was a rallying cry for the same group.

Personally, I can’t even believe that people weren’t arrested and charged with Treason on January 6th. People literally attacking the Capitol and threatening to hang the Vice President. Congress had to be evacuated from their deliberations and Trump stood by and did nothing. He did want to go the Capitol, and personally I’m sure it wasn’t to tell the rioters to go home. At his speech earlier he told the people listening to march to the Capitol knowing that people were armed in the crowd. He tried to order the Secret Service to remove the metal detectors so that more people could attend his speech, saying that they weren’t there to hurt him. From that statement it was clear to me that he was knew they were there to hurt others.

Yet people watching see what they want to see. Focus for some is on the parts of the hearing that they hear reporter's question. Any news that goes against their thinking gets swept away, just like ‘locker room’ talk and the vulgar talk against women. They claim he talks was talking like the ‘everyday man’ or something like that… yet it wasn’t anyone I know, except maybe the family friend that is drunk all the time, and no one wants to be found alone with.

People now don’t believe anything they read in the paper, they watch ‘news channels’ that are labeled as entertainment. I really shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve seen people I was best friends with years ago post everything from the World is flat to we didn’t go to the moon. Add to that the people posting about how great Trump is and…


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