Our Solar Panel Journey: Expectations, Realities, and Reflections

2 min readJan 17, 2024

Embarking on a Solar Adventure

In October, we embarked on our solar energy journey, choosing a local company for installation despite possibly better deals elsewhere. The decision was also made to opt for a loan, which initially seemed favorable, but later revealed terms we hadn’t fully anticipated.

System Specifications and Decisions

Our chosen system was tailored to meet our average yearly power usage. Our area offers one-to-one net metering, a system where each kilowatt (KW) of power we contribute to the grid is reciprocated with an equivalent KW. Additionally, due to past power outages, we opted for a backup power solution involving batteries — a costly yet crucial component. We installed three 5KW batteries with an Enphase system, allowing for an automatic transition to battery power during outages.

Installation: Hiccups and Highlights

The installation process was marred by uncertainties, mainly attributed to the inclusion of batteries. However, our experience with a local company proved quicker than others in the area who chose non-local providers. The installation, completed within a week, was followed by a swift approval from the power company.

Despite the efficiency, there were minor setbacks, such as our loaned pickax being accidentally taken by the installers and the inconvenience of an…




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