The Double-Edged Sword of Raising Roosters: A Tale of Protection and Aggression

2 min readSep 17

When I decided to raise chickens from hatchlings, I found myself with a surprising ratio: five roosters to just one hen. Among these roosters were two Jersey Giants, who grew remarkably large in a short span of time. Another noteworthy member was an Araucana, easily recognizable by its distinctive facial features.

Head Rooster at just 3 months old

The Upsides and Downsides of Raising Roosters

I genuinely enjoyed raising these roosters, watching them grow from tiny chicks into full-grown birds. However, cohabitation issues soon surfaced. The roosters frequently clashed among themselves and with the lone hen. Worse yet, they would collectively turn on me if I let my guard down while entering their enclosure.

Americana Rooster

An Unexpected Ally: The Raccoon Dilemma

Interestingly, raccoons started infiltrating the pen, initially in search of leftover food. However, it seemed that even the raccoons were wary of the roosters. On one occasion, I discovered a raccoon peacefully eating beside the alpha rooster. Another day, I found a baby raccoon comfortably asleep in the coop.

Rooster eating with a Raccoon

The Struggle to Find a Suitable Home

Although the roosters acted as effective guards for the hens, their aggressive tendencies towards other animals and humans became increasingly problematic. My attempts to rehome them as “guard roosters” garnered no interest. Finally, a neighbor with a diverse array of animals offered to take them in, allowing them to roam freely on her property.

The Relocation: A Win-Win Situation

Relieved, I transferred the roosters to their new home, where they could live out their days without posing a risk to others. Free-ranging would likely dampen their territorial instincts, making them less prone to unprovoked attacks.

A Final Note on Noise Levels

One thing that struck me throughout this experience was the sheer volume of their crowing. It was so loud that neighbors living down the road could hear them clearly.

In summary, raising roosters has been a journey of highs and lows. While they served as effective guardians, their aggressive behavior and extreme territoriality became too much to handle. Thankfully, they’ve found a new home where they can live more harmoniously, both with humans and other animals.


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