The ‘Tops’ Tragedy

2 min readMay 16, 2022

I was just watching the news and saw interviews about the tragedy at a TOPS store. I didn’t catch the entire thing, but I did see the interview. I can’t fathom why someone would go after a group of people simply based on skin color. In reality it’s happened for a long time. Also based simply on race… and more.

My grandmother was Italian and this weekend I was just reading things about the laws that affected Italians in the past. One of America’a largest lynchings took place in New Orleans and was the lynching of Innocent Italians. We see one group going after another over and over.

On the news the person being interviewed was talking about how in most cases the shooter is a white man that ends up being captured alive. — There really is a huge disparity between each race and who represents the majority. Personally, I have both sides in my past. The family that goes back and qualifies for the Daughters of the American Revolution and a grandmother who makes me eligible to apply for Italian Dual Citizenship.

My family is pro-2nd amendment. I have one in a case (that I haven’t opened in 3 years). My husband is fairly anti-guns, and in reality I kind of am too…. though I wouldn’t part with mine as long as it’s legal. I also know that when we lived in Kentucky white men were walking all over with guns out in the open. The state was open carry and people used that to allow them to walk all over with guns on display. Minorities were rare and I’m sure that they didn’t feel the same freedom to walk around with a gun on display.

Even with having a gun, I don’t see why guns aren’t regulated more. In Illinois there are stricter laws than Kentucky for sure. I hear people in Illinois making statements because they assume everywhere is the same. Even with all the regulation in Illinois, kids still get ahold of guns. Just a few years ago I think a man accidently shot his foot at a Walmart with a concealed carry weapon.

I do kind of see how people in a crowd think they are anonymous- we see it happen with people feeling bolder (and rude) with online posts. How though does a person who does something like the Tops grocery store shooter think they are not going to come out of it dead? Are they trying to kill themselves? Do they think because of their own race they will somehow turn out ok? I really just don’t get how someone can even develop so much hate for another person or group of people that doing something like this would even cross their mind.


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