Transforming a Metal Shed into a Chicken Coop: A Comprehensive Guide

3 min readNov 2, 2023

Converting a metal shed into a chicken coop can be an economical and practical way to provide a comfortable, secure environment for your backyard chickens. I was looking for an easy way to add a larger coop for my chickens. I currently have two coops I purchased from Amazon and Tractor Supply. They each have slide out trays and were great starter coops, but as the chickens have gotten bigger I needed more space — and the coops were needing cleaned more and more often. I looked at wood sheds but the cost was prohibitive. I was able to find a metal shed for just $250 that was 8' by 6' which worked out to about 4 square feet per chicken for my flock.

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. **Cost-Effective**: Repurposing a metal shed is often cheaper than buying a pre-made chicken coop.
2. **Durability**: Metal sheds are sturdy and can withstand extreme weather conditions. I am a little nervous about the wind. I’ve gotten some bars that I screwed into the ground with my drill and attached bungee cords in each corner.
3. **Customization**: I could modify the space according to the specific needs of my flock. Right now I just have the dirt floor with wood shavings scattered about. I’ve added a window, roosting bars and some lights. Being too far from our house I’ve been working on how to get solar panels to work well to keep their water from freezing and keep the lights on when needed. I’ve been using a clip to hold a tarp onto the top of the coop and holds the solar panels to the roof. A clip also securs the door closed.


1. **Insulation**: Metal sheds can get very hot in summer and cold in winter. I’m still working on a plan for this. I’ve checked into bales of straw to stack around the outside, or using boxes spread out to add a little insulation to the coop.
2. **Ventilation**: Metal sheds are usually not designed with adequate ventilation for livestock. In my case though, my shed does have plenty of spaces for ventilation. I also added a window that lets light in and could be opened with a screen for air flow. It’s directly across from the coop door out to their run, so the air flow should be good when it gets to hot in…




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